February 2018 Stock Video Income Report

February 2018 review of sales, production, new footage listings, and general progress towards StockbyNumbers’ 2018 income goals – 800 Unique Clips Produced, 3500 New Items Across Portfolios, 300 hours of work, $23,750 Grossed.

Income – $575

February saw a noticeable increase in sales. $575 is great, but still off of my goals. The biggest upside is that this is over 2X growth from February last year. In one year sales went from $180 to $575.

February saw 22 downloads – an all-time high. 18 unique clips were sold, also an all-time high. Return per download was $25. Average return per download was $26 which isn’t amazing but not bad.

This was a better month towards the 2018 goals, but still a long way to go.

Pond5 kept improving as well. Just like last month, new clips sold, which is always great news, as clips that sell once almost always sell again over several months in Stock by Numbers’ portfolio.

Read on below for clips sold, gear used, and other statistics and information from February:


There was a big shift in February from blogging to uploading. I got all of the clips in my portfolio uploaded to Adobe Stock, but haven’t yet submitted them all.

I’ve also started uploading to Videohive.net. Really excited about this, as after doing some research it seems like a great option.



New Clips Created

Production time unfortunately wasn’t possible in February because of a rough work and travel schedule.

Still not giving up on the goal of 800 unique clips, just going to have to backend things a bit.

Uploads Accepted

50 Clips on Adobe and about 50 on Dissolve this month. Will keep everyone posted if they start to sell.


Gear Used

A lot of the same clips sold, so the RED’s are still here. Great news was that a few of the clips from a shoot I did largely with the DJI Osmo X5R starting selling.

DJI Osmo X5R


RED Epic-X

RED Scarlet-X

Phantom 3 Pro


Like I mentioned last month – none of this gear is worth buying new in 2018, but used RED cameras are still worth considering for one main reason: The R3D codec.

Other than the amazing data rates and workflow with R3D, the Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K accomplishes the same quality of footage in a more well contained and affordable package.

Fortunately, while capturing this footage five years was fairly expensive, the best cameras available in 2018 are able to duplicate these results at a fraction of the cost and with much lighter and faster gear.

I have still yet to do exhaustive tests, but just based on practice, I think the Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K exceeds the dynamic range of the RED Scarlet-X and Epic-X.


Clips Sold

For clips sold, check the updated live sales list on the right side-bar of the page.



Again – Adobe Creative Cloud was the major expense, but I think still worth it as I use it for so much other work.

Fees and Dues

Adobe Creative Cloud – $50

Items Purchased

No purchases this month, so expenses are relatively low.


Best Day

February, 21st – $148


Updates on Tests

Pond5 continued to roar back to life in February.

Still anecdotal, but it seems the “how much should you charge on Pond5” test might be working.

Will keep updating as the test progresses.



February was a great month, but the most exciting thing right now is that I’ve just averaged $100 / day to start off the first three days of March.

Stock Performer projections are to be taken with a grain of salt, as I have never reached them, usually I come in around 50% of the projection. But since it is projecting $2,000 for March, I’m optimistic this will be a good month.

Videoblocks has still remained silent unfortunately.

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear how your month went if you’re open to sharing!


Posted by L.B. - Stock by Numbers

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  1. I’d love to hear an update with how the year is going. I was really enjoying all the data here.


    1. Hey Tory – Great to hear from you and thank you for the kind words. I’ll post an update soon. Been out of the country for the majority of the last few months shooting and the blog fell to the side a bit. Overall the year has been amazing in terms of earnings though!


  2. Hey L.B.,
    Thanks for the report. I also started stock footage at the end of the last year and I had been in stock photo business for 5 years before starting stock footage. Your blog is very informative. I assume you’re busy but I’d like to read the articles about the subsequent months (or email me if you’re interested to exchange info). I have some sales in Adobe (4 clips) and Videoblocks (2 clips). So I can confirm that they actually sell. I also sold some clips on PIXTA, a stock agency based in Japan. Some video sales on Getty, too. No sales on 123RF so far. Best.


    1. Hi Ky – thanks for sharing your info and glad to hear that they’re selling for you. I still get a few sales on Adobe and Videoblocks. I stopped posting to those and the others you’ve mentioned though largely because Pond5 and Shutterstock outsell them all by such a wide margin. Until I’m done shooting new content and uploading it to P5 and SS I’m not going to spend any time on the others, as it just isn’t efficient for the cost of my labor per hour. One surprise for me lately has been videohive. I only have about 100 clips on it but am selling about $50 – $75 per month, which is a pretty good clip to earnings ratio. Their upload process is a hassle though so I haven’t posted more, but likely will soon because of this data.


  3. Thanks for the info but I am a little doubtful because I started posting video clips 3 months ago. I think i have like 30 on there and 30 more getting submitted but I have not had any sales. I also had a goal that if I dont sell anything in 2018 then the stock video market is dead for me. I appreciate you spending your time for us but if you could check out my portfolio and give me a tip that would be great! Here is my artist page: https://www.pond5.com/artist/bogdadan#1/2063


    1. Hi bogd740 – I don’t mean to discourage you, but bith your current portfolio I’m not surprised you haven’t seen any sales. There are a few issues here that you need to address if you want to actually start selling footage:

      1) You need way more clips and more time. I didn’t start selling a significant amount until I had around 200 clips online and they had been listed for about 6 months. It takes time for the footage to rise in search ranks.
      2) You need to shoot subjects that are not so easy for someone else to shoot as well. I’ve talked about this elsewhere on the blog, but you will rarely sell footage that doesn’t include model released people in the footage. The vast majority of my sales – over 90% – contain people that have signed model releases. Additionally your portfolio is full of things that are easy for anyone to replicate quickly, meaning they aren’t valuable for a buyer.
      3) You need more diverse content. While your portfolio has 30 clips, it really only has 5 – 10 unique subjects, as many of the clips are very similar. While I encourage shooters to capture many different angles and styles of the same subject, this largely only applies to the subject being people.

      I’ll be posting an earnings update soon, but long story short I have made a significant income this year passively from footage I shot and posted over the last two years, and if you visit my portfolio you’ll see that it isn’t insanely large or full of footage that is impossible to capture. So in my mind the industry is extremely strong.

      Thank you for reading though and again, I don’t want to discourage you, I just want to be honest and as helpful here as possible.


  4. Hi,

    I was wondering, when you say unique clips what does this mean. I.e. is this 300 clips from different scenes/settings?

    Can an amateur who puts in a bit of time and effort expect to make any money through stock footage?

    I’m considering using my mavic pro to get some footage while travelling through Asia. If I can take a decent clip and grade it – how hard is it to actually sell via stock sites?

    Thanks for the blog by the way – very informative!


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