Stock Footage Earnings Report Week 3 – January 21st, 2018

A weekly review of sales, production, new footage listings, and general progress towards StockbyNumbers’ 2018 goals – 800 Unique Clips Produced, 3500 New Items Across Portfolios, 300 hours of work, $23,750 Grossed.



Not a lot to report here, but three sales for $50 isn’t the worst that could happen.



Not a lot of labor that went into this week as well, just about two hours getting VideoHive on-lined in Stock Submitter. Hopefully that will lead to some actual submissions next week so I can enter the massive 150 day queue.

I got about 400 clips uploaded to Adobe Stock through ftp as well, so should be able to actually submit some clips next week.



Zero production time this week unfortunately. This makes me realize that if I don’t start shooting soon I am going to start having excess labor hours pile up as the year goes on, in which case I won’t be able to meet my 300 goal. So I’m going to start pre-production next week for a shoot in early February. Will post soon on that.



Luckily I din’t spend much as I wasn’t in any kind of production. But, it is worth noting that almost exactly 25% of my earnings this week went to pay for Premiere and Creative Cloud. Makes me wonder if I should potentially downgrade to just the video editing suite soon.


Fees and Dues

Adobe Creative Cloud – $12.50 ($50 / month)

Items Purchased



Best Day

January, 20th – $22


Clips Sold

 Two men hiking in silhouette past rising sun slow motion



About as close to a lemon as you can get. Not much made or produced this week. I was on a crazy deadline at my day job, which cut into time spent on stock. January is usually slow, but considering I earned $0 last year, I’m already happy with this month.

The most interesting take-away was that all of my earnings came from a single clip. Which is now on the first page when your search for “hiking” on Shutterstock. It’s also crept it’s way up to the 11th page overall on the whole agency when you leave the search field blank and sort by popularity. Looking forward to seeing what happens with it from here.

Starting some Pond5 price tests this week as well, so stay tuned for a post on that!


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