Welcome To Stock by Numbers

Stock by Numbers is a site dedicated to helping determine and improve how much can be earned by producing and selling stock video.

Welcome To Stock by Numbers

What is Stock by Numbers?


Through this site I’ll be posting stock footage sales reports, tips, techniques, resources, and my actual sales data live as my footage sells.

This will be an attempt to answer a pressing question I had when I got into this business: how much can you make selling stock footage?

I asked this a lot when I first got started, and I’ve seen a few contributors report their numbers, but I’m hoping that this can become a place for sharing and learning, so that we can more effectively create and prosper from selling stock footage.

For a little more about me and my story selling stock footage, read on below:

After doing this about two years, I’ve realized that the answers to the most common stock footage questions are complex and constantly changing. Stock by Numbers will aim to address this complexity by creating a living resource – one that points to real footage libraries, producers, clips and their real sales data.

Stock footage has been a great way for me to earn a passive side income that continues to pay while sleeping, and I think my sales data will prove this over timeIt’s not enough to do full-time just yet, but is supplementing my regular video production business really nicely. Something to the tune of $500 per month recently.

So – if you’re interested in selling stock footage, I hope this site can help you get started, create a new revenue stream, or refine your skills as a stock footage contributor.

I would love your help as well – hopefully you, and others, might be willing to share your numbers publicly on this site. Having a collective reference of what sells, how much can be earned, and where to sell footage will be a powerful tool for all of us.

If you are interested in contributing, please share your thoughts in the comments below or email me at info@stockbynumbers.com.

Who Am I? 

Since I am going to be sharing detailed financial information, I will be going by the pen name Louis Brown on this site, or “L.B.” for short. While this might seem opaque, I’ll be sharing screenshots and linking to real clips that show that the numbers posted are real and I’m a bit uncomfortable putting too much personal information online at the moment unless it seems necessary.

Also, while some blogs or resources like this rely on the backstory of their founder or writers, I’m not going to get into that in too much detail. I think all that is important is for you to be able to see what I am creating, how I created it, and how much that footage is earning for me.

How Did I Get Here?

Selling stock footage as a way to earn side income popped into my head a little over a year ago. I attended a film program at a state university and after working professionally for several years at a small non-profit, I needed to earn more money.

The company I loved and worked for couldn’t afford the salary I wanted and being in my late twenties, I wanted to start paying off the lingering $30,000 in students loans and debt I had accrued back in college.

I had the option of either quitting the job I loved, or finding a way to earn more money on the side.

After two years of freelancing as a videographer I owned the rights to a few hundred clips of footage I had shot on past projects. After consulting with a few friends and doing my own research online, I decided to upload some of these clips on a few stock footage sites.

I spent two weekends signing up for different sites and uploading roughly 40 clips as a test. After two months of checking back in with the sites waiting for a sale, I stopped paying attention.

One afternoon I got an email from Pond5 saying I had sold my first clip for $23. After this I started really digging deep trying to find actual data on whether or not I should keep going – was this a fluke or a sign of great things to come?

Like so many others I kept searching within online forums, tutorials, books, and blogs trying to find out whether or not this ongoing effort would be worth my time. While I came across a few vague promises here and there – “learn how to earn $1,000 a week selling stock footage” – I could not find any transparent or comprehensive numbers that could help inform how much time and investment it would take to see any real returns.

So I decided on two things:

  1. I would keep uploading a few clips over the course of the year to see what would happen.
  2. I would share my numbers online and I would try to figure out what questions need to be answered to lead to a successful passive income business.
  3. I would use this public resource as a way to track my own progress, encourage self-motivation, and some kind of accountability.

So here we go…

Looking forward to hearing from anyone that is interested and thanks for reading!

Posted by L.B. - Stock by Numbers

Filmmaker and videographer who started StockbyNumbers.com to provide and source helpful information for stock footage producers. Looking to increase stock footage sales for the whole contributor community, greater passive income, and more free-time to focus on even greater creative pursuits!

  1. Hey there! I stumbled across your site a few days ago and read every single post to date. Like you said, ‘true’ data on how much one can earn through stock footage are few and far in between. I am thinking of trying but I want to see if it would really be worth it. Your content is awesome!



  2. Hey David!

    Thanks for reading and for the kind words. As the site described, I’ve found stock footage to be well worth the time and effort. But I think this will very from person to person.

    Let me know if there any questions I might be able to answer to help you decide!

    Hope to see you around here more often!


  3. Hello, thanks for sharing your knowledge. i begin stock video work 1 month ago after i read your article at another web site, thanks for inspire me, i hope i can win soon 🙂


  4. Hey, how are your sale numbers for the past 6 months?


    1. Hey John – I’ll be posting an earnings update soon, but long-story-short, they have been great. I’ve done almost no shooting or uploading this year but have seen my earnings nearly double regardless.


  5. Just found your site, Really helpful one. I try to get into stock footage, and your info here is really helpful and clear about stock footage. thanks for sharing


    1. Hi Dedi – I’m so glad it’s helpful for you. I haven’t shot as much as I would have liked this year, but have still been earning very consistently and want to shoot more. It’s pretty amazing to get bank deposits rolling in even on months I haven’t been able to shoot!


  6. Hi,

    I’ve started uploading stock this year and have been encouraged by a few sales. Ran across this site and read your info. Thanks for your generosity in providing all your reports and hints. Really great stuff.


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