Welcome To Stock by Numbers

Stock by Numbers is a site dedicated to helping determine and improve how much can be earned by producing and selling stock video.

Welcome To Stock by Numbers

What is Stock by Numbers?


Through this site Stock by Numbers will be posting stock footage sales reports, tips, techniques, resources.

This will be an attempt to answer a pressing question when getting into this business: how much money can you earn selling stock footage?

We asked this a lot when I first got started, and we’ve seen a few contributors report their numbers, but are hoping that this can become a place for sharing and learning, so that we can more effectively create and prosper from selling stock footage.

For a little more about us and our story selling stock footage, read on below:

After doing this about two years, we realized that the answers to the most common stock footage questions are complex and constantly changing. Stock by Numbers will aim to address this complexity by creating a living resource – one that points to real footage libraries, producers, clips and their real sales data.

Stock footage has been a great way for our stock footage production company to earn a passive side income that continues to pay while sleeping.

So – if you’re interested in selling stock footage, we hope this site can help you get started, create a new revenue stream, or refine your skills as a stock footage contributor.

We would love your help as well – hopefully you, and others, might be willing to share your numbers publicly on this site. Having a collective reference of what sells, how much can be earned, and where to sell footage will be a powerful tool for all of us.

If you are interested in contributing, please share your thoughts in the comments below or email us at info@stockbynumbers.com.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone that is interested and thanks for reading!

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Team of filmmakers and videographers who started StockbyNumbers.com to provide and source helpful information for stock footage producers. Looking to increase stock footage sales for the whole contributor community, greater passive income, and more free-time to focus on even greater creative pursuits!

  1. Hey there! I stumbled across your site a few days ago and read every single post to date. Like you said, ‘true’ data on how much one can earn through stock footage are few and far in between. I am thinking of trying but I want to see if it would really be worth it. Your content is awesome!



  2. Hey David!

    Thanks for reading and for the kind words. As the site described, I’ve found stock footage to be well worth the time and effort. But I think this will very from person to person.

    Let me know if there any questions I might be able to answer to help you decide!

    Hope to see you around here more often!


  3. Hello, thanks for sharing your knowledge. i begin stock video work 1 month ago after i read your article at another web site, thanks for inspire me, i hope i can win soon 🙂


  4. Hey, how are your sale numbers for the past 6 months?


    1. Hey John – I’ll be posting an earnings update soon, but long-story-short, they have been great. I’ve done almost no shooting or uploading this year but have seen my earnings nearly double regardless.


  5. Just found your site, Really helpful one. I try to get into stock footage, and your info here is really helpful and clear about stock footage. thanks for sharing


    1. Hi Dedi – I’m so glad it’s helpful for you. I haven’t shot as much as I would have liked this year, but have still been earning very consistently and want to shoot more. It’s pretty amazing to get bank deposits rolling in even on months I haven’t been able to shoot!


  6. Hi,

    I’ve started uploading stock this year and have been encouraged by a few sales. Ran across this site and read your info. Thanks for your generosity in providing all your reports and hints. Really great stuff.


  7. Thank you for sharing all this interesting info. As someone who has recently progressed to taking stock more seriously, and also finding great results, I look forward to you next post.

    Please do let us know how things are going for you…


    1. Hey James – as you’ve noticed I haven’t spent a lot of time posting new content. I’d love to hear about how it’s going for you as well if you’d be interested in sharing. Glad you’re liking the site though!


  8. Hi there L.B. I wanted to ask you something important. For someone who is just going to start selling his stock footage, what do you recommend; uploading in different stock servicies or use only Black Box service???


    1. Hey Juan – I haven’t used Black Box. Their model looks really interesting and they have a killer landing page animation, but I’m wary of it based on their 15 percent take of net profit for what they provide.

      If they helped to edit the raw footage I think it might be worth it, but if you’re able to spend a little time to create an efficient keywording and submission workflow for yourself I think they are probably not a good path.

      I would also be cautious as stock footage profits are made over time. So while you might only loose out on a $30 or $40 from a high selling clip in the short term, this amount will compound over several years if the clip continues to sell well.

      For example, one of my clips has made me over $2,000 over the last three years, so if I had uploaded to black box I would have lost $300. It didn’t take me more than 3 hours to upload, keyword, and submit that batch of footage to the agencies I have portfolios with. So would you be willing to pay $100 / hour to someone else to do this work rather than pay it to yourself or a percentage of that to one of your team members? I also probably made another $300-$600 on that batch of footage so the cost would have likely been even higher if I had gone the Black Box route.

      For some people I could see this making a lot of sense and being very worth-while, especially if it means getting footage uploaded to agencies that wouldn’t be uploaded without Black Box’s help. If you’re tight on time and don’t want to dive into learning the process of implementing a new revenue stream like stock footage, Black Box makes a lot of sense. Earning a percentage of something is better than saving a percentage from nothing.

      I would also be very conscious of how you divvy up “shares” to other crew members if you go that route. In the commercial world the studio / creative directors are the ones who are considered to produce the most value and most often own the rights to the content, followed by investors and clients. In my experience it’s rare for crew members to get a share of eventual profits. I’m not saying I agree with the existing models, but I would just be conscious of how much money you stand to earn over time on your creative capabilities, investments, and assets, and what that means if you pay crew based on shares. I would rather pay a production assistant $100 / day now than lose out on $1,500 over the next five years, for example. But I guess it depends on what size share you’d be paying. As a crew member on others shoots, I likewise wouldn’t work for shares unless I was extremely confidant in the creators abilities and the size of the share I was getting.

      Overall I’m not sure I see this really empowering creators though. My opinion is that shared knowledge, education, and training empower people more than outsourcing, especially if you’re starting a small business or production company where selling stock footage may be a significant revenue stream. If that’s the case I think you will make much more in the short and long-term by investing the time in your own institutional knowledge and capacity, setting up systems to efficiently do this work in-house. I also think these investments will trickle into other production practices as you’ll prototype systems that can lead to greater efficiencies elsewhere in your business.

      I’ll admit that my knowledge building view is biased, as it’s the whole point of this website, and I stand to earn money from contributing, aggregating and disseminating it in the future, whereas I don’t stand to gain any value or knowledge from people skipping out on learning and going to Black Box.

      I don’t think they’re being as transparent about their motivations as they claim though, if they really wanted to help struggling creators they would try to create a model that changes the industry, not one that just takes another cut out of it. If they offered shares in Black Box as a business for example, so it was more of a cooperative I would be more sold on the model and their motivations. At the moment it doesn’t seem like their rhetoric and model align overall.

      I’d leave up to you and other reader’s discretion, but in my experience the cost and time investment to learn something and practice in yourself is a smaller cut of the pie than paying someone else to do it, especially if it’s a core part of your business.

      Hope this all helps! Let me know if I’m not interpreting any part of this process correctly or if you have other ideas on it’s efficacy! Thanks for asking the question!


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